10 Days to go!

We’re taking strain!  Wish we were on our way already.  So many last minute things to deal with. 

George says that we’ve collected just too much stuff in our 46 years of marriage! He’s right. All we’ve done for the past six weeks is pack, Pack and PACK!

Thanks to Memory and Chris for all your help.

We’ve learnt a lot by preparing our house for a years rental. Also the preparations for living in the confined space of a motor vehicle for a year has made us more aware of what one really needs to get by. In these times of rampant consumerism we have been programmed into buying unnecessarily.

We are spending two nights in Arniston with a number of special friends who are going to be  sorely missed by us,  combining this short  trip with final testing of our preparedness and just spending some precious time with all of them. The weather prediction is rain, so we’ll be able to test the mods made since our last trip and a bit of chilling.

Three weeks to go!


It’s three weeks until our Epic Journey into the most exciting continent begins. On the 15th January 2014 we set off From Gordon’s Bay, first into familiar territory along the Garden Route for two weeks. We’ll visit friends and family along the way, staying at some of our favourite spots, before returning to Cape Agulhas where the actual journey begins.