CPT2OSL: Cape Town To Oslo

During May 2011 in Zambia while on a six week touring holiday, sleeping in the back of our X Trail, Solveig remarked; ” I can live like this. Why don’t we travel through Africa to Oslo? ”
We had done plenty of caravaning, motorhoming and a trip through Zimbabwe sleeping in the back of a “bakkie'”. So sleeping in our X Trail for six weeks wasn’t new to us. But an overland trip to Oslo would take much longer….After some excited discussion we agreed and our planning began.
Firstly, our vehicle of choice. We were concerned that the X Trail with its modern day electronics would be a challenge to any mechanic outside of a dealership should we need any repairs to be done. We put the word out that we were in the market for a suitable vehicle. It had to be a station wagon and very basic.
Soon a 4.2 l diesel Nissan Patrol was found. Ideal, as there are many in Africa used by the United Nations. Spares and mechanics should not be a problem.
The rear two rows of seats were removed and a drawer system and bed were installed. We even managed to fit a refrigerator under the bed! The modifications and fitting of the necessary accessories has been fun. We added a roof rack with a Thule load box for our clothing, Jerry cans and bits and pieces and a 270 degree awning was considered a necessity as we need a place under shelter to prepare meals, especially in bad weather.

They say that everything happens for a reason…. We returned home without reaching our goal but we’re rewarded with a new adventure opertunity. Friends Pieter and Sue offered their camper in South America! Read about it in our blog.

On our return home we changed our overland vehicle again! We purchased a second hand fully kitted Toyota Landcruiser bushcamper from Bushlore, a local rental company……..

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