Mexico. Eventually after three attempts……

Our last night in Antigua we spent as guests in Brant’s Hostel as we no longer had Michelle.
It was going to be a hard adjustment to make. No freedom to travel as we chose.  We’d be tied to schedules. We now have to stay in hotels and eat restuarant food!
In other words we’d just become ordinary tourists

We left early in the morning on a shuttle bus filled with happy, young backpackers for San Christobal. 
There were two ex South African girls, now living in Australia. A young Israeli girl, a young Dutch couple, a British couple and a family from France.
We had lots of laughs. Luckily we’d learnt to adapt to anything that came our way and enjoyed ourselves too. Especially me who was able to relax and enjoy the scenery for a change!

Back at the La Mesilla border for the second time we had a surprise when we came out of immigration.


A Palomino the same as ours, but on the back of a Toyota!!
Was it there just to torment us?


We had to wait for our new transport to pick us up on the Mexican side of the border.

In San Christobal that evening we had to find a place to stay. The first hostel we tried was full. They recommended a few others to try. We’d already dragged our massive pile of luggage to the first hostel and had barely made it!

We asked if we could leave it all there until we found a place and set off by foot. We couldn’t find the first recommendation but fortunately the next place we tried was ideal and we booked in.
We fetched our luggage in a taxi and afterwards looked for a place to eat and get a much needed drink.
Will we ever adjust to this form of travel????

San Christobal is a lovely old city with many beautiful buildings. We were staying near to the Plaza so headed in that direction.

Looking for a restuarant that served regular food we ordered a very tasty schwarma and a salad, which we shared.
To celebrate, I had a cerveza and Solveig red wine and a bucket of ice, followed by wonderful cinnamon flavoured iced coffee…. A lovely end to our first day in Mexico! At Last!!


The next day we explored San Christobal.

Sue and Pieter had said that it was their favourite Mexican City and it cetainly looked as if it could be our favourite too….

The streets were filled with colourful people and musicians which all add to the soul of the city.
We checked out the bus options and found tickets to Mexico City on an overnight luxury bus. Expensive – about the same as flying – but we’d save on the hotel expense for the night!
We’d also been dying to try bus travel as an alternate method of getting around.

We enjoyed our stay in San Christobal for another three days before bussing out.
While there Solveig came out with a massive itchy rash all over her body. So off to see a doctor. The big surprise was the visit was free!! He diagnosed an allergy of sorts and also found she had hypertension which she’ll have to see to when home again.


We weren’t cooking for ourselves any longer and had to get used to eating out in the colourful restuarants.
So many amazing dishes to try…..We even found a favourtite treat of ours – Chorros – a crispy doughnut-like deepfried pastry, with a cinnamon and sugar coating. Yummy!
Haven’t had those since our last visit!


The bus left in the evening and was almost in Mexico City by the time we awoke.

It was a pleasure for me to just relax and watch the countryside pass by even though we weren’t able to stop on the way.

I’d found a weekend special on for a Howard Johnson hotel in the centre of Mexico City and we took a controlled fare taxi from the bus terminal. We were amazed at the absence of traffic from the centre of the city (other than public transport, commercial vehicles and taxis). It was so much quieter than the previous times we’d been there.
Considering that it’s the largest city in the world it’s a miracle. The controlling of which vehicles may enter the city, and when they may, really works.


It was great to be back again. I’m sorry Sue, but Mexico City must take the prize for being our favourite city in Mexico with its many parks and historic buildings.
We returned to the Grand Hotel near the Zócalo where we’d stayed before. The Zócalo is the main Plaza of the city and has been since the Aztecs. image

The hotel is magnificent with its stained glass ceiling, bird cages and wrought iron elevators.

We enjoyed returning to all our favourite sites using the topless city tour bus.


But our stay was dampened somewhat by Solveig not being fully recovered yet. We took the intercity bus through the beautiful countryside once again in comfortable luxury to San Luis Potisi, our next stop.


San Luis Potisi, Gisela’s home town…..She married our nephew Ryan. We were sorry we hadn’t attended their wedding there 5 years before…..

We spent a few days staying with Gisela’s parents, Juan Luis and Carmen.


Coco, her aunt and Sissi her sister also accompanied us while we were being royally treated.
What wonderful hosts they all were. We’re so glad we’d made the decision to include San Luis Potisi.
A highlight was our day trip to the hacienda where Ryan and Gisela were married. A Christening was taking place there and luckily we were included on the guest list! Juan Luis and Solveig at the Hacienda…


So we got a taste of what the wedding might have been like. What a party!


We also visited an old mining town outside of San Luis Potisi .

When we sadly had to say goodbye to our generous hosts, we undertook an 18 hour journey to Houston in USA in another overnight (and all day) bus trip.

Our thoughts on bussing ?
A comfortable way to travel offering an alternative to flying. The cost is much the same; it takes a lot longer; you don’t see that much on the ground as much of the time we travelled was at night; during the day we never stopped anywhere half decent, only service stations. Not a suitable way to overland. Renting a car and staying in the same accommodation as we did would have been a far better option. We’d give it a try in the USA.

Our final thoughts on our stay in Mexico were that the experience would have been so much better in Michelle. We had been so looking forward to that. It was to have been the highlight of our entire journey. But that wasn’t to be unfortunately.

But we’d done it very differently and still had a great time there. Thanks to the wonderful people that made us so welcome.

Author: Ian & Solveig's Overland Adventures

Although we never achieved our original goal of reaching Norway overland through Africa, our experience was so unexpectedly rewarding that we've not been able to settled down again! So we added new destinations to our lust for adventure. We hope that you will join us in sharing new exciting places and encounters with the amazing people we meet along the way.

One thought on “Mexico. Eventually after three attempts……”

  1. Loved reading of your views and experiences in Mexico!! Such an amazing and vibrant country. When I think of Mexico I smile and get a warm feeling in my tummy remembering the lovely people, colours, old historic buildings, cobbled streets, big hats and toquila! Want to go back tomorrow!

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