Tanzania – The next chapter.

I’m shocked to see its been 7 days since our last blog was posted. We are usually running about a week behind with our posting but I’m afraid it’s slipped a lot further! That’s incidation of how we’re enjoying ourselves. Been in paradise for a week at Peponi near Tanga. Thanks to Bruno and Brittany for yet another stunning suggestion of where to stay.
Paid and booked out yesterday. Then while enjoying a breakfast of fresh mango, muesli and Tanga Fresh yoghurt we changed our minds and decided to stay longer. Lovely travelling without a schedule.
That’s why we’re writing this now sitting under a thatch “banda” made from coconut palm leaf thatch ……

Sunday 19th April.
After a rainy night at Tan-Swiss in Mikumi we entered the Mikumi Game Reserve about 20 kms east at 6:00 in the morning.


We planned a day trip only as we new it would be expensive to stay over. But $100 for a day trip is madness! Especially when one compares the state of the roads, toilets and other facilities to Southern Africa’s wonderfully maintained reserves.


Lilac Breasted Roller

The animals and birds were similar.


Hartlaubs Bustard

The landscape different…


East African landscape

On road to Dar-es-Salaam – thought it was do-able.


How wrong were we. Will we ever learn! Night driving again. Stopped along way at African Restaurant in Morogoro, hungry, had a chip omelette.


Chip omelette

Not bad – in fact quite an African experience!!!!
Arrived at Traveller’s Lodge,  Bagamoyo after deciding that finding a campsite in Dar in the dark wasn’t an option. We made it in the dark and we’re safe!! Thank you!!! Booked in, I went with guide to show us campsite and electricity power points. Waited for Ian – he is slow but not that slow!!! Tortoise had had enough and would not start.  PUSHED!! I was exhausted and in tears. Started eventually down sloping driveway. Set up camp and needed drink! !!! Next day car started, immobiliser overheating?
Just chilled that day.


Discovered we were on a magic beach,  

busy – dhows sailing past,


colourful people,


ice cream sellers on bicycles, children.


Fresh fish

Ian in his element with his camera. Spent time in bar/restaurant – Internet communicating.  Numerous coffees. Took walk to nearby supermarket needed yoghurt.


Ruins at Bagamoyo

Discovered old buildings and sites where Livingstone had been. Interesting!! Met fantastic Germany lady, Carolla.  What a wonderful person.  She had worked in Tanzania and shared many of her experiences.  Look forward to seeing her again. Sure she’ll visit us in Gordon’s Bay.
Dar here we come! Looking for Shoprite.  T4A directed us to Slipway but no Shoprite, closed down!  Very nice centre – definitely aimed at tourists. Good restaurant and curio shops. Great lunch and wandered around a bit. Decided we would go back to Bagamoyo – no suitable accommodation (camping). Again arrived after dark!! Sat in traffic jam forever. Left 4pm arrived in Bagamoyo 9pm only 70 km away.Bridges had been washed away by storms previous week and traffic total chaos.  Made wonderful connections in traffic jam!! Bus alongside us with open door (bulging with people) cool dude in doorway with cool shirt – remarked with thumbs up “like your shirt” and the communications continued!  Africa is amazing and even traffic jams are interesting.  LOVE IT!!!!!!
Yippee!!! Got in contact with Clifton through stepfather Dirk and of course Koos.  We needed a safe place to park our tortoise while we spoiled ourselves in Zanzibar.  Connection made and address got! Clifton sooo welcoming.


Spent day in Bagamoyo organising car and in restaurant/bar connecting. Dinner with Carolla.
Off early to Dar, bought diesel and easy trip in – no jams!  Found huge apartment block Viva Towers easily. Met Clifton and gorgeous kids. Great lunch at Rhapsody’s (SA restaurant on ground floor of apartment block). Clifton and Freek offered us accommodation and safe parking. Soooo kind and hospitable.  Thank you, thank you!!! Treated us to a wonderful supper at – would you believe it – Cape Town Fish Market. Beautifully situated at waters edge. Better venue than V&A.  Food good.


Had a wonderful evening. Thank you!!! Slept in a bed!! Hot shower and able to wash my hair. What a treat!!!

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Author: Ian & Solveig's Overland Adventures

Although we never achieved our original goal of reaching Norway overland through Africa, our experience was so unexpectedly rewarding that we've not been able to settled down again! So we added new destinations to our lust for adventure. We hope that you will join us in sharing new exciting places and encounters with the amazing people we meet along the way.

5 thoughts on “Tanzania – The next chapter.”

  1. HI dear friends….at last I have found a way to write back !
    Am sooooooooo enjoying your blogs….what an amazing time you are having..so admire your adventuresome spirits and ability to make everything ok (even if it takes a tantrum or two and a few crocodile tears!).
    Adam arrived home from India a few weeks because they close the camp down for the Monsoon season (check Sujan/jawai leopard camp/ blog to see his photos/articles) he is now at the Elephant Pepper Camp in Kenya. I am wondering if there is a possibility for you to meet up somewhere…he is working there making a promo video for them. His email address is adbannister@gmail.com.
    Si is in S Town working on his sculptures …Dylan Lewis has rented a little space in his studio down there which as you can imagine is creatively very exciting for him. Si is doing lovely work. Just made a pack of life size wolves out of packing cases for Wolftrap at Boekenhoutskloof.
    We are going to S town on Wednesday..
    All sounds a bit tame when compared to what you two are up to….
    Its thrilling to be riding the shirt tails of your adventure..
    Keep trucking.
    XXX Alison

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