I’ve titled this episode Ovamboland which to me covers the area south and east of the Etosha.
Outjo was a surprise to us as we were becoming accustomed to really rural towns, but here we found a small town with everything we could want for. Silly things like the replacement washer for our gas cooker(we neglected to have a spare!) and a new charger cable for a led lamp from Sven and Anka which we have found indispensable. And of course a few Tafels, a Happy Box and the usual 10 litres bottled water.
Sunday was another humid and rainy day so the best place to be was travelling in the comfort of our airconditioned car.
Our route took us to the edge of the beautiful Waterberg plateau. We’ve been to Namibia so many times, but usually kept to the Southern region and an occasional rushed trip to Etosha but had never stayed in the Northern region for long enough for it to also install some of that magic which is Namibia into our soul. Grootfontein was very quiet so we kept on to Roy’s camp.


Entrance to Roy's

A must do place 50 kms north east of Grootfontein.
Roy’s was right up Solveig’s street.
“Oh wow, what a treat! The camp is stunningly put together with all sorts of kak.  Old bath with water flowing into pool, rusted old car, old bicycles, enamel bowls served as light fittings. We had a bush kitchen with fridge and gas cooker and laundry. Beautiful campsites with natural stone encased in wire. Soo well done and, of course, George just loved his swing – a giraffe one.


Roy's Camp

We seem to get to bed late and also rise late. Coping well with mozzies and other flying creatures. Net in car – great, also candle, tabard cream, Doomspray for under dashboard inside car and a Doom Mozzie spray. We are well covered!!! It is soooo hot and humid. Permanently sweating. Is it hot flushes, power surges or weather????”


Road to Rundu

The road to Rundu was magical with little Ovambo settlements, I jumped out and chatted and made contact with people, things they are doing, things they are making. Contact  and chatting is just my best!! Got shock of my life when I went up to a little baby and small child and they started crying and screaming at the sight of me. I do not think they had seen a whitey before. Especially an old wrinkled (tanned) white face, grey hair and pink stripes.


Ovambo village

Made me think of the book I have just finished reading The Clan of the Bears by Jean Auel (thank you Janne)


Solveig's favourite

Rundu is a fairly busy border town. We searched for a place to have coffee and found the African House.  More like a shabeen, but we felt very comfortable there.
We camped at the Sarasungu River Lodge down a very wet potholed road in a beautiful tropical setting. We preferred a site away from the river. It had a sheltered lapa area. We thought with all the rain we’d been getting an additional bit of shelter might come in handy.
The next day we had some much needed washing done in a local laundry, did some shopping and looked for a new campsite. We didn’t fancy the ride down that road again.


Angolans doing their washing

We found a new venue on Tracks4africa on our GPS,  just 20 kms away, also on the Kavango river at N’kwazi River Lodge. T4A has been a great asset. It’s guided us accurately on our route and also to some amazing accomodation.  Only once did it wobble a bit when taking us out of a town. It took us through a terribly potholed muddy road when a tar road was nearby. I guess it didn’t know about all the rain that has been falling this summer!


Solveig having a wonderful time

The next part of our journey is very special and needs a blog of its own. So please be accommodating and let us put it together nicely for you!

Author: Ian & Solveig's Overland Adventures

Although we never achieved our original goal of reaching Norway overland through Africa, our experience was so unexpectedly rewarding that we've not been able to settled down again! So we added new destinations to our lust for adventure. We hope that you will join us in sharing new exciting places and encounters with the amazing people we meet along the way.

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  1. You both have the time of your life!!!! I love your pictures and I can see that Solveig is more than happy! By the way Solveig you are looking beautiful and I love your pants, where did you get them?

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