Changing Landscapes



Whether its morning coastal mist or endless beaches,  we are both becoming more aware of the landscape and how it awakens a new sence of purpose and brings us closer to living in the now.


Morning walk Dwarskersbos

A special part of this journey is having the time to spend as long as we like at a place.  To explore our feelings and get in tune with our surroundings.
We were surprised at how cold it could be in February on the West Coast so changed our route to take us inland to Springbok. Found it to be more what we’d expected for this time of the year.  Met two Austrian couples at the camp who were en route to Namibia. One couple had overlanded Africa 15 years ago.
We came across a number of BMW and Mini Coopers from Germany on the N14 between Pofadder and   Augrabies Falls. The cars were brightly covered in graphic decals and had all identifying marks removed or hidden. We spoke to one of the drivers and were informed that they were doing hot and high speed tests with the permission of the SA traffic authorities. He had driven in speeds in excess of 250kph already  that day!


Harsh landscape

The landscape inland changed dramatically every 100 kms we travelled.  Solveig will give you more detail:

Life is good!!!
Well, we have not got very far. I am sure you are all thinking we are in Namibia already. No, we are in Upington. Hell hellhot! !!! 41 degrees!! On the banks of the Orange river – little cooler, slight breeze and shade under willows. A temperature somewhere between this and the coast would be more comfortable!


Banks of the Orange

Ian working on Tortoise (car) replacing dual battery solenoid. Been having battery problems?!! Had a problem starting car yesterday. Anyway he is a Star and sorting it all out. Not a stupid man!! And his beard is getting softer…….
The countryside (that sounds sooo British) the terrain at Augrabies and surrounds is amazing. 


Arrow Point

Outcrops of rocks, mountains, flat sparse areas, quiver trees, red sand dunes and then get near to the river there are vineyards, fruit trees (citrus, peaches,pecan nuts) palm trees -lush and Green. Amazing contrasts, water the lifeblood!!


Augrabies rock formations

Met 2 very interesting people, a British couple, who have driven through Africa four times on a motorbike.  They have just brought out a book BEARBACK by Dr. Pat Garrod. They are both GPs and love Africa with a passion.
We brought our 365 day African Wisdom book with us (thanks Anka and Sven) and today’s message is

               The ritual requires us to speak through our heart
                The logic of the mind is an obstacle to its success

I hope you dwell on those words like we have….

Okay, now for some useless information
Orange river wine cellars largest in SA and second largest established
in Southern Hemisphere.
Upington airport has longest tarred runway in the southern hemisphere 4,900 m. Is it the heat and altitude at 850 meters?


Augrabies Lizard - female

Augrabies Lizard – males have bright colours to attract females, compete for attention.  Other way around for us humans, thank heavens. Although Ian is quite colourful these days! !



Moon Rock – has a smooth appearance caused by immense changes in temperature causing the granite to exfoliate.   It literally
causes layers to peel off like an onion.
The surface of the rock can reach 70° C on days where the air temperature is in excess of 40° while inside the rock, temperatures are in the 20’s. This massive temperature variance causes the “peeling”.


Solveig at summit of Moon Rock

Author: Ian & Solveig's Overland Adventures

Although we never achieved our original goal of reaching Norway overland through Africa, our experience was so unexpectedly rewarding that we've not been able to settled down again! So we added new destinations to our lust for adventure. We hope that you will join us in sharing new exciting places and encounters with the amazing people we meet along the way.

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