On the road again

We returned to the Helderberg area for a few days to attend Ian’s mother’s 90th birthday celebrations on Saturday 1st February.
It was a strange feeling to be “home” again with nowhere to stay.
We suprised (?) the Tuesday Talk group by gate crashing supper at Andrea and Michael’s on Thursday evening. They had prepared a lovely meal and we really enjoyed seeing our friends again. Especially Pieter and Sue van Oudtshoorn who were supposed to be in Panama continuing their North to South American journey.  But Pieter had snapped his Achilles tendon which delayed their departure until March.

We slept in Janne and Johan’s driveway that night and rocked and rolled all night from a hectic south easter.
The next day was beautiful. We played at being tourists in our home town by spending the afternoon on Bikini Beach, when along came Barbara Louw and offered us a flat for the night overlooking the main beach. Thank you so much Barbara.
We enjoyed a lovely evening and braai with Janne and Johan and downloaded a few movies to watch if we ever found ourselves with nothing to do!
We really enjoyed our stay in Gordon’s Bay. Had a breakfast at Java with Michael and Liv from Norway, snacked at Zest and supper at Al Fornos.  A perfect ending to another wonderful day.

Mom’s birthday was an emotional event. Great to see so many acquaintances, family, and her friends before our farewell. (again!)

Then off northwards at last! We’re taking the west coast route keeping to the minor roads along the coast.  A last look at Table Mountain from Dolphin Beach.

Kite surfers at Dolphin Beach

So many kite surfers were enjoying the sea breeze. We continued to Langebaan for our first stay. That night there was a wind from the south. So cold it’s hard to believe it was February. The next day we moved on looking for a warmer place.


Not far was Tietiesbaai near Paternoster. What a heavenly place in the Cape Columbine reserve.


Paternoster was named by Portuguese sailors on their way to the east. They stopped here in search of food and fresh water and were so thankful to find water, they named the place after the prayer “Our  Father….”
There is a legendary pub in the Paternoster Hotel which won’t be forgotten in a hurry

Paternoster Hotel pub

Also, The Voorstrand Restaurant shouldn’t be missed if you enjoy seafood served right next to the beach.  After lunch we begrudgingly left Paternoster.
As it was late, we only went as far as Dwarskersbos and stayed at the municipal caravan site. Not the greatest but a plus was its next to the beach. Both of us took a long walk the next morning. Didn’t swim though as the water was too cold. Surprisingly Ian really enjoyed the walk too!  We needed the exercise as a lot of time is spent driving.

Author: Ian & Solveig's Overland Adventures

Although we never achieved our original goal of reaching Norway overland through Africa, our experience was so unexpectedly rewarding that we've not been able to settled down again! So we added new destinations to our lust for adventure. We hope that you will join us in sharing new exciting places and encounters with the amazing people we meet along the way.

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